Saturday, June 29, 2019

Chiều nay trong sự kiện Tech Expo 2019 đã được nghe anh Nguyễn Hữu Thông Operation Product Director của Tiki chia sẻ. Lí do vì sao anh làm Tiki 5 năm rồi mà vẫn chưa chán.
Đây là nguyên bản từ slide của anh Thông.

TikiNow fundamentals

  • Streamline operation processes + cost-effective incentive
  • smart + user friendly tools
  • continuous operation
  • inventory accuracy
  • data integrity
  • robust & detailed reporting
  • optimal inventory level
  • optimal pick-path
  • optimal delivery route


Complex domain

  • Build a good team. Explain the why
  • Agile. But keeps the high bar of quality
  • Easy to use+ smart solution —> reduce training + reduce exception + optimization
  • Rigid reporting / analytics to operate —> make data-informed decision + holistic view


  • Involves: Merchandising + Marketing + Supply Chain + Tech
  • From Tech side: Strong PM wear multiple hats. Release and interate often
  • Drum-beat meeting with relevant agenda and robust reporting
  • Shared core value: customer -orriented—> less conflics + more healthy tension

Continuous operation - Tech

  • investing in performance availability
  • sysadmin + engineer works together
  • Process: ticker system w/clear SLA, escalation process (with phone call) incident review
  • Monitor: sentry(exception) newRelic (APM), DPA(DB), Grafana
  • Optimize slow DB query. Use salve
  • Break monolithic smaller systems
  • Event - drivent/non blocking system
  • Report—> data warehouse


  • Make system smarter (statistical algorithm, ML/AI) —> right product at the right place on the right time
  • Less manual (BPM)+ more automation
  • Continuous review and improve the whole process. "It is always day one" mindset
  • TIKI SAVE, subscription and more

Bên cạnh TikiNow thì đây là các bài toán khác mà Tiki đang giải quyết

Besides TikiNow?

  • Build a catalog platform for 50M SKUS
  • How to scale checkout to 1000 orders/sec peaks (10/10 or 11/11)
  • Tiki Mini Program! Next gen plug án play app architecture
  • AI/Learning to predict and optimal inventory level for 10M+ SKUs
  • Buid AI powered recoomendation/merchandising from scrach?
  • Near Real tiem search indecxing data warehousing for million of products Delivery route optimozation in Supply Chan with huge potential saving
  • Streamline datawarehosue ửokflow+ powerful analytics platform

Slides taken by me:


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