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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Stop consuming too much caffeine. 
Stop consuming too much fat. 
Stop consuming too much sugar. 
Stop consuming too much alcohol. 
Stop consuming too much CONTENT!
    I am the kind of person who keeps on looking for inspirational content. Whether it is a Youtube video, a listicle on top 10 habits, or a Ted talk, I thoroughly enjoy getting “motivated”.
    But motivation is of no use if it is not followed by action. I believe we are our habits and not goals. With help of correct daily habits, we can achieve any goal we want. So I am cutting down on consuming content whether it is Netflix, Medium, Twitter or Youtube. Instead, I will be limiting them to a fixed time slot of the day.
    I have found myself reading a lot of content on meditation but haven’t tried it. It is surprising that I know 3 types of Indian meditation techniques thoroughly but too lazy (or ignorant) to try them. But no more, tomorrow morning I will be trying my first meditation (will share the experience too)
    I believe this will help me go through the day more productively and effectively.