Thursday, January 10, 2019

Note from "Product manager's survival guide" book

Product manager's survival guide.
Everything you need to know to succeed as a Product Manager.

Table of contents

Part 1: Getting your bearing
  • Starting out
  • Navigating the organization 
Part 2: Learning the product's business
  • Embracing your product 
  • Conquering the product's environmental down
Part 3: Getting work done
  • Influencing people and building teams 
  • Mastering the process and templates
  • Harnessing and managing product data
Part 4: Moving forward 
  • Developing other professional attributes
  • Planning your next step

Part 1: Getting your bearing

Starting out
- To be successful in PM, you need to formulate a personal strategy that will work best for you.
- If you don't find a way to accomplish all that's expected off you, you will be driven by the urgent demands of others and lacking in the proper context for what being asked of you; and if you don't possess enough knowledge of the proper context, others will create that context for you.

Navigating the organization


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