Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Care about the culture when we want to work with foreigners Let’s em talk about them self first 1 Flowing up: remember details from the others 2 built on stage Ux mind: happy or not. Mouth is a free marketing tool. The key is good Xper make everyone talk about it. The key is how you make everyone work with each other happy
  • Make them happy. Feeling
  • Define the problem. Solution
  • How they gonna use it without any problem. Usability.
How to understand other countries culture without living with em:
  • Hire local people and show your vision, goals and mindset because we can not understand marketing inside
And living with em
  • Have activities with them
  • Following what they do and maybe you will understand them

Taking note from Tú Vũ Thanh (Tú)


Take note, sharing experience, save ideas.