Sunday, September 9, 2018

ux : use computer to research your customer, to understand your customer to design something to them  and make them pay more for you.

Bước đầu tiên để mở rộng thị trường qua các nước khác là
kết nối với mạng lứoi chuyên gia bên đó, từ các chuyên gia -> real thị trường, real khách hàng
tận dụng lợi thế các chuyên gia bên đó có kiến thức chuyên ngành, local, quan hệ trong ngành - > viral 
tìm hiểu thị trường khách hàng, user, behavior

ux là language + mindset

ux là circle, luôn thay đổi,  user feeling change every minutes 
talk to your customer as much as you can
find the first paid usser, interview them, talk to them, live with them to understand why, 
to find more of them and make them pay more for you.

don’t save money, pay more, invest more to get more money ! save it is a wrong way!

you need to know how user in a difference conuntry use your product to see how they react with it
 - westion :  like to talk, to share án react in the face, rich emojtion
 - asian is difference : just silent and use, if stuck.. ask GOD
 - indian is difference : if they shake their head left to right , they like it :))

there is no ux better , it all depend on time, on culture…..

data, show data to make a decision

 - recoder

airline experience !

//He firmly believes the better user experience (UX) will bring the happier users.

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Take note, sharing experience, save ideas.