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Monday, September 10, 2018

No need to talk too much, talk a look and compare
Just write a note to me, remind me to build a better product, a better way to communicate with my user,
I believe that brings to the user what they need at the right time is the key to building a successful product.

Product 00

Where to focus?
Where is call to action?
Will user click to that facebook link?
Dear or Trân trọng? is that's a good way to communicate on NOTIFICATION channel?
Why you push discount everyday?
Am I care about a discount or I care about the service's quality, customer support, professional driver?
Emoji use in the right way a lot? learn how to use it in the right way


Why I receive 2 notification, same content, only call-to-action is difference.


Product 01

Only one promotion in time, if you use it, they bring you more. If you don't, no more promotion code send for you. / Some time they remind, in a good way. They don't save it.. just a reminder to click and view the old one.

Once you finished create an account, they push you all useful information to your business. They keep it, z that important.



Product 02

Focus, highlight coupon code, make user get it easy and fast.
Call to action is clear and strong.
Coupon auto applied.