Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lesson Recap

1. Building an audience first allows you to research and test which potential products people want most.
2. Consistently creating and curating relevant videos, images, and written posts about topics will help attract readers and hopefully build a community.
3. Once you’ve built an audience, ask for direct feedback about which products they want and need.


As you build your audience, you can interact more and more with people on social media. When you do, make sure to be friendly and maintain your brand’s voice.

Step you need to take

Identify my target audience
Figure out where my audience hangs out online
Start following people who are popular and influential with my audience
Pay attention to the types of posts that people in my audience like and share
Start interacting with people in my audience
Brainstorm ideas for enjoyable and/or useful blog and social media posts

Lesson From Google Primmer


Take note, sharing experience, save ideas.