Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Object

Create a notification system to inform user about events, tracking, system updates and goal achievements.

The Process

  • What is necessary to display?
  • How to show read and unread message?
  • How will the notification system look like when clicked on?
  • Can you delete a notification?
  • How to show delete button, can we do swipe to delete notification?
  • Should we have read all button?
  • Will a notification disappear over time?
  • Do you need a time stamp?
  • How to display to time/date?
  • Can you refresh content?
  • Will you be able to see previous content?
  • Should we display notification badges on app icons?
  • When we remove badge on notification icon?

The Solution

The notification system is to inform users of events, system update and goal achievements.
Notification mechanism
  • Each notification will disappear after a few days or can be deleted by the user found in the top right-hand corner of each notification.
  • The user can scroll down to view previous notifications. 
  • When pulled down on the notification system, the notification will refresh to the latest notification available. 
  • The colors of the notification display non-read (white) and read (grey overlay). 
  • In the top left-hand corner of each notification, you will be able to find out the type of notification it may be; event, system update or goal.
  • Each notification display a time/date stamp beside the type of notification to show how relevant the information is.
  • User can swipe left to delete notification.
  • ...
  • ...


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