Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Target Audience : designers, the programmers, the marketers, the CEOs, the startups, the mega- corporations. 

User Experience is the net sum of every interaction a person has with an organization, be it marketing material, a customer service call, or the product or service itself. A user’s impressions are shaped by an organization’s beliefs and practices as much as by the purpose and the value its products hold in his or her life.

It’s everything I have learned, all I wish to impart on the subject of User Experience as a profession, a goal, an idea.

User Experience is strategic. It begins with an idea, and continues through every moment of the customer lifecycle, from attention to abandonment and beyond.

No matter how perfect your design, users will find its flaws.

No matter how thorough your plan, users will do what you did not intend.

Expect this.


Know this, above all else:

No matter the user’s behavior, you made it happen.

The Tao of User Experience -Robert Hoekman Jr
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