Saturday, February 4, 2017

Yes , I Quit

Say it with me “I quit.”
Come on, don’t be afraid. Say it with me, “I quit.”
Still afraid of saying “I quit”?
One of the best things I ever did was to quit.

I quit thinking small.
I quit being lazy.
I quit trying to please everyone.
I quit reliving my past mistakes instead just learning from it.
I quit making excuses.
I quit justifying all my negative behavior.
I quit blaming others for my own bad decisions.
I quit being a victim.
I quit thinking the world owes me anything. The world was here way before me.
I quit believing I can’t do it.
I quit constantly worrying about things I don’t control.
I quit being envious of others’ success.
I quit being a little pansy.
I quit living in my past victories.
I quit the habit of giving up the moment things got tough.
I quit being a hater.
I quit lying to myself about my bad habits.
Are you finally comfortable saying it? So let’s do this again, say it with me “I QUIT.”
If you’re done playing a small life, share this and let everyone know:
I’m done. I QUIT.


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