Saturday, February 4, 2017

Say it with me “I quit.”
Come on, don’t be afraid. Say it with me, “I quit.”
Still afraid of saying “I quit”?
One of the best things I ever did was to quit.

I quit thinking small.
I quit being lazy.
I quit trying to please everyone.
I quit reliving my past mistakes instead just learning from it.
I quit making excuses.
I quit justifying all my negative behavior.
I quit blaming others for my own bad decisions.
I quit being a victim.
I quit thinking the world owes me anything. The world was here way before me.
I quit believing I can’t do it.
I quit constantly worrying about things I don’t control.
I quit being envious of others’ success.
I quit being a little pansy.
I quit living in my past victories.
I quit the habit of giving up the moment things got tough.
I quit being a hater.
I quit lying to myself about my bad habits.
Are you finally comfortable saying it? So let’s do this again, say it with me “I QUIT.”
If you’re done playing a small life, share this and let everyone know:
I’m done. I QUIT.


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